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United Against Parkinson’s: Initiatives and Innovations in the Italian National Day

The Italian National Parkinson’s Day is a significant occasion to increase awareness and understanding of one of the most debilitating neurodegenerative diseases. Each year, the last Saturday of November marks an important moment not only for those directly affected by the disease, but also for society as a whole.

This day offers the opportunity to reflect on research developments, listen to the stories of those living with the disease, and renew the commitment to finding effective treatments and cures.

Italian National Parkinson’s Day

Since 2009, the LIMPE-DISMOV association, in collaboration with other entities and organizations, has taken the initiative to establish the Italian National Parkinson’s Day, which this year falls on November 25th.

The event has become a fundamental annual appointment to raise public awareness about Parkinson’s disease in Italy. Through various activities, such as informative meetings, cultural events, and fundraising campaigns, this day aims to improve the general understanding of the disease, promote research, and provide support to patients and their families.

The goal is to create a more informed and empathetic community, capable of facing the challenges posed by this condition with greater awareness.

Parkinson’s: The Pathology

Parkinson’s disease is a progressive neurodegenerative disorder that affects the central nervous system, significantly impacting patients’ quality of life. The main symptoms include walking problems, gait freezing, rigidity, bradykinesia, and postural instability, significantly affecting daily activities.

The diagnosis of Parkinson’s is complex and based on a clinical approach, supported by imaging tests such as SPECT and PET.

Although there is no definitive cure yet, current treatments aim to manage symptoms and improve patients’ quality of life. Research is constantly committed to discovering new treatments and better understanding the causes of the disease.

Gondola AMPS Therapy: A Breakthrough in Research

In the field of research for new therapies against Parkinson’s, Gondola AMPS therapy (Automated Mechanical Peripheral Stimulation) stands out. This treatment, which involves mechanical stimulation of two specific points on the feet, has shown promising results in improving walking and balance symptoms in patients.

Its effectiveness in making movements smoother and improving walking offers a new treatment perspective, complementary to traditional therapies.

Gondola AMPS therapy represents an excellent example of how innovation can bring new hopes and improve the quality of life of patients with Parkinson’s.

Other Events for Parkinson’s Day: Milan and Rome

Milan contributes to the Italian National Parkinson’s Day with two significant events, highlighting its role in awareness and research.

The first is an informational meeting organized at Auxologico Capitanio, focused on the non-motor symptoms of Parkinson’s, such as depression and sleep disorders, often overlooked but equally impactful.

The second event is a charity concert at the Sala Verdi of the “Nelle mie corde” Music Conservatory, where the Grigioni Foundation Philharmonic Orchestra will perform. This concert not only offers a unique cultural experience but also serves to raise funds and awareness about Parkinson’s, demonstrating the importance of art and music in supporting social causes.

For information:

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Rome offers an immersive and creative experience on the Italian National Parkinson’s Day. At the Palazzo Esposizioni, in collaboration with ParkinZone Onlus, a multidisciplinary artistic workshop will be held, offering a platform for creative expression and dialogue. This event will be accompanied by a question and answer session with expert neurologists, Dr. Nicola Modugno and Dr. Sara Pietracupa, providing a precious opportunity to deepen the understanding of the disease. For info and bookings, please contact

To discover all the events in Italy, visit the Limpe Foundation website.

As the celebrations for the Italian National Parkinson’s Day approach, we remain vigilant and attentive to the latest news and events. Our commitment is to keep the article updated with the most recent and relevant information, to ensure that our community remains informed and involved.

This day represents not only a moment of awareness, but also an opportunity to strengthen our mutual support and our determination to face the challenges of Parkinson’s. Continue to follow us for further updates and insights.

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