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How it works

Gondola AMPS therapy for patients with neurological disorders.

Gondola improves gait and balance issues

Gondola® Automated Mechanical Peripheral Stimulation (AMPS) is a non-invasive, at-home therapy for movement symptoms of people with neurological disorders such as Parkinson’s Disease,  CIPN, or Stroke.

Delivering AMPS therapy through Gondola Home device
Delivering AMPS therapy through Gondola Home device
the science
Gondola® AMPS is a therapy that is designed for regular and lifelong use and is compatible with other therapies and treatments. The therapy consists of a 2-minute stimulation cycle that applies pressure pulses on two specific points on both feet, using the Gondola® Home Device. The mechanical stimulation helps activate the motor control areas of the brain responsible for walking and balance. A therapist configures a personalized Home Device to ensure that the stimulations are delivered at the proper locations of the feet. The effects of the therapy can be felt immediately.
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2 minutes,
2 times a week


Gondola AMPS therapy can be easily used in the comfort of your own home. The total therapy time is only two minutes two times a week.


Improvements can be observed right after the therapy


Clinical effects of the therapy can be observed immediately after the therapy and are maintained for a few days.

Non invasive

The therapy consists of pressure stimuli

Non invasive

Unlike other Parkinson's Disease therapy approaches, Gondola AMPS is non-invasive


Clinical Research supports Gondola AMPS therapy


Gondola© AMPS is a scientifically proven therapy approach to address motor symptoms of patients with neurological disorders.

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AMPS' outcomes

Improved Walking

Improved Walking

Gondola® AMPS allows patients to improve symptoms such as parkinsonian gait, freezing of gait and bradykinesia.


Better Balance

The regular use of Gondola AMPS therapy improves the balancing abilities of Parkinson's patients.

Reduced Risk
of Falling

Reduced Risk of Falling

Improved balance and better control of walking abilities reduces the risk of falling of Parkinson's disease patients through regular use of Gondola AMPS therapy.


Enhanced Dual-Tasking

Regular use of Gondola AMPS therapy, allows patients to improve their ability to conduct two tasks at the same time e.g. walk and talk.

Scientific evidence

The efficacy of AMPS therapy delivered using the Gondola® medical device has been documented in 12 clinical research studies of over 250 Parkinson’s disease patients. These studies showed that AMPS induced a significant improvement in walking abilities, including speed, stride length, gait symmetry, and turning.

Several studies documented the Gondola AMPS efficacy
Several studies documented the Gondola AMPS efficacy
Several studies documented the Gondola AMPS efficacy
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