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University of Limerick is starting a study on fall prevention

Recently a clinical study on fall prevention led by the University of Limerick was approved, and now they’re starting to …

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Gondola Home how to use it

Gondola Home: a therapeutic device designed for personal use

We already talked about Gondola® Professional, the multi-patient device for outpatient or in-hospital use. In this article, we’d like to …

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Gondola Professional: a therapeutic device designed for healthcare professionals

Today, we are happy to introduce Gondola® Professional, a version of our device specifically designed to be used by trained healthcare professionals for outpatient or in-hospital use.

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Gondola Medical Technologies is joining AgeingFit 2022

We’re glad to announce that we’re joining the AgeingFit event this year, which is taking place in Lille in France. …

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Meet our responsible for the Production and Supply chain

Mauro Santinato has been part of the Dream Team for more than one year as Head of Production and Supply Chain, and last week he dedicated some of his time to talk with us.

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Gondola appoints its scientific advisory board

We are thrilled to announce the appointment of our Scientific Advisory Board (SAB), whose mission is to provide guidance and …

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Improve your walking directly from your home

At Gondola too, we want to make your therapy easily and comfortably accessible from home. Besides primary infection by COVID-19, …

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Gondola Medical Technologies and the renowned Mount Sinai Health System enter research collaboration

 Gondola Medical Technologies collaborates with the world-renowned Mount Sinai Health System in New York City (USA) to enhance the research …

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The challenge of dual-tasking for Parkinson’s Disease patients

At Gondola Medical Technologies, we have observed that dual-tasking is a real challenge for many patients with neurological disorders like …

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