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About Gondola

Who we are

Founded in 2011, Gondola Medical Technologies is a Swiss MedTech company based in Lausanne, Switzerland.
The Gondola Therapeutic Device is internationally patented and CE-marked and available for purchase in Switzerland, Italy, France and Germany.

Gondola get through your walking impairments
Gondola get through your walking impairments
Gondola get through your walking impairments

Move better,
live better

We provide Gondola AMPS therapy to people with walking impairments due to neurological disorders. 


A new standard of care

Gondola Home how to use it

We strive to make the Gondola AMPS therapy standard of care in treating walking and balance impairments due to neurological disorders

Our values

We do care 


Swiss MedTech, effective and reliable, quality, professional  


Effective and reliable, quality that is backed by science


A clinically-proven, side-effect free and non-invasive therapy approach


We care! Our approach is human centric, offering personal support along the patient-journey.

Our story
The start of the journey
Gondola Medical Technologies was founded in Switzerland in 2011 with the goal of developing new technologies in the field of neurorehabilitation to improve quality of life for patients affected by neurological disorders
2012 - 2018
The first device
In 2012, The production of the first edition of the Gondola® Medical Device commenced. It was updated in 2018
2012 - 2018
Moving forward
In 2019, Gondola Medical Technologies moved it's HQ to the Biopôle in Lausanne, Switzerland. Following this move, the company was awarded the Horizon 2020 EIC Accelerator grant of 2.5 million Euro.
2021 -TODAY
The company has released an updated model of the Gondola Medical Device in 2021 and is now looking at the future with an upcoming market entry in Germany and an application for market authorization in the US.
2021 -TODAY
Our team

People first

Gondola Dream Team - move better live better

Gondola has a diverse team of highly qualified and motivated professionals with strong ethical and human values.
Together, we cover all core elements of the business, including strategy & quality & regulatory, production & supply chain management, sales & marketing, and administration.


Want to join

the Gondola team?

Discover what job opportunities we have available, and how you can have a lasting impact on patients affected by neurological disorders.

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Do you want to work with Gondola

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