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Gondola AMPS therapy – Is it based on science or magic?

Gondola Medical Technologies first launched the Gondola AMPS therapy for people with walking and balancing impairment due to neurological disorders …

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Biomechanics provides reliable evidence in the MedTech industry

In the MedTech industry, scientific evidence is essential to be authorized for use by regulatory bodies and to gain support …

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AMBITION: A clinical study focusing on “Freezing of Gait” (FOG)

The AMBITION clinical trial aims to investigate the safety and efficacy of the Gondola AMPS therapy in 40 Parkinson’s disease patients suffering from severe freezing of gait (FOG) symptoms, despite dopaminergic and deep brain stimulation (DBS) treatments. It is a particularly interesting population to use the Gondola AMPS therapy, as there are limited treatment options for FOG treatment

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What is Freezing of Gait?

A large meta-analysis published last year (Zhang et al, 2021) reported that more than half of patients with Parkinson’s Disease …

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Building clinical research momentum with 500’000 CHF Tech Growth loan from FIT

Clinical research and studies demonstrate Gondola AMPS therapy’s effectiveness for people with neurological disease to move better and live better. …

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Parkinsonian gait, and how Gondola can help

Gait disturbances in Parkinson’s disease and parkinsonism, also called parkinsonian gait, worsen the risk of falling and directly impact life quality. Parkinsonian gait is a complex combination of multiple factors. At Gondola Medical Technologies, our objective is to help patients improve their walking and balance abilities and enhance their quality of life

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How Covid pushes for remote forms of treatment

Since the beginning of the COVID crisis, European countries have adopted unprecedented measures to counter the pandemic. These measures come with significant consequences on society, everyday life, and healthcare systems.

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SfN Global Connectome: A virtual conference

We are happy to announce that Gondola Medical Technologies participates at the SfN Global Connectome: A virtual conference organized by the Society for Neuroscience.

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GONDOLA – 365 days in retrospect

With the arrival of the research grant, we got very busy at GONDOLA. In this article, we share the key milestones we have achieved in the last 365 days and exciting new projects and activities we are working on.

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