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Freezing is no longer part of my life; I don’t know what it is anymore.

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My name is Lucia Squillante. I am 57 years old.
I am retired as Parkinson’s disease forced me to stop working.

It was 1998, and I was 38, it was a shock for me.

I used to work in the area of electronic components, so I used to assemble electronic boards. I had noticed some difficulties in manual skills; therefore, I went to a neurologist who diagnosed me with Parkinson’s.
As a widow, I had to care for the whole family alone, and Parkinson’s further aggravated the situation.

I began to isolate myself from people because of my mobility problems.

I had problems with balance and posture and was also starting to have severe dyskinesias, so I had to quit my job.
Then, a few years ago, the motor symptoms started worsening, and I began isolating myself from people.
Later, I also started to have really significant motor blocks. I was afraid because I live alone.
Often my daughter had to come to help me with all my primary needs, which I could no longer deal with alone.

With Gondola AMPS, my path improved immediately.

The first time I tried Gondola AMPS therapy, my family and I were surprised because we immediately saw a significant change. Indeed, I had a faster pace, more stability, and a more upright posture.
The benefits lasted about three / four days, so, in our opinion, it could not have been the power of suggestion: it would not have lasted that long.

My life has highly and positively changed.

Now, with regular treatment, I walk better.
Right after the treatment, I feel like I have springs in my steps: my stride speed increases, my stride length is longer, and my posture significantly improves.

Freezing is no longer part of my life; I don’t know what it is anymore. I don’t even have dystonia anymore because I could reduce the medications, so the side effects were also reduced.

Before I adopted Gondola, I rarely went out alone, especially for long walks. Now I also walk two / three kilometers alone. At home, I do everything by myself. I can even cook for my family and care for my two grandchildren.