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Gondola Medical Technologies is joining AgeingFit 2022

We’re glad to announce that we’re joining the AgeingFit event this year, which is taking place in Lille in France.

AgeingFit an event to improve elders’ lives

The AgingFit is an annual event promoting innovation for well-being in older people, improving their and healthcare professionals’ daily lives, and preventing age-related disorders.
This year it’s taking place from 1st to 3rd of March in Lille (France). Log in to the AgingFit portal to join the event online is also possible.
In this way, they enable more than 650 players to discuss the latest news in the sector, coming up with new ideas, collaborations, and funding opportunities.

Gondola AMPS, the therapy for walking impairments

During the event, we will present our Gondola Professional, a device to deliver AMPS, an innovative, non-invasive therapy for walking impairments due to neurological disorders like Parkinson’s and stroke.

The therapy consists of mechanical stimulations at 4 points on the patient’s feet (2 for each foot). The stimulations trigger a peripheral sensory input that arrives in the brain, increasing sensory integration and brain plasticity. Consequently, the efficiency of descending pathways increases, and walking performance is immediately improved.

The device is designed for outpatient or in-hospital use and is an add-on therapy. So it must be combined with the usual treatments, pharmacological and physiotherapy.

You’ll find Dr. Stefano Tassin, the therapy’s inventor, Dr. Pierre-Olivier Morin, and Claudia Cardi at our booth.
They will be please to answer all your questions!
Come and visit us!

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