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Lia Ivana: “Thanks to Gondola I get over my fear of falling”

A few weeks ago, Dr. Stefano Tassin and Dr. Chiara Previati returned to the Telestense studios to discuss the Gondola AMPS therapy with Daniela Melle. The episode also features Maurizio Aversano, an orthopedic technician specializing in the Movement Disorders Center of Milan.

Gondola AMPS: 10 Years of Research

Gondola AMPS (Automated Mechanical Peripheral Stimulation) is the result of years of studies and research aimed at improving the quality of life for patients suffering from walking disorders due to neurological conditions, such as Parkinson’s and stroke. AMPS therapy helps to improve certain motor symptoms that specifically affect walking and gait, like progressive slowness in movements, motor blocks, Freezing of Gait, and stiffness, significantly reducing the risk of falls and enabling a more active lifestyle.

Lia Ivana: “Thanks to Gondola, I’ve Started Walking Again”

This is precisely what Lia Ivana, a patient who has been using Gondola for several months, discusses in her interview with Daniela. She shared that she had almost stopped going out due to her fear of falling, but thanks to AMPS therapy, she regained confidence in walking and started going out again. Lia Ivana had previously experienced Gondola AMPS 10 years ago in Bologna, with very positive and immediate effects on her walking and balance. However, initial skepticism combined with difficulties in finding more information about the therapy at that time had discouraged her from purchasing the device. A few months ago, after watching an episode of the show recorded for Telestense, she decided to give it another try by scheduling a new visit to test the benefits of the stimulation. Luigi, her son-in-law, shares emotionally:

“Even 10 years ago, I was amazed when I saw her walk, and this time I was doubly amazed!”

Lia Ivana’s story is just one of the many testimonials we collect every day in our work, whose main goal remains to help patients with neurological disorders regain their independence. Watch the episode to hear the incredible story of Lia Ivana and contact us for more information through the form or by writing to

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