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Meet Gondola’s Marketing Team

Benjamin Duband leads the team as Head of Marketing and Communications. His role is to oversee the marketing strategy, as well as managing the B2B & B2C acquisition strategy for the company.


Benjamin joined Gondola more than one year ago, with the mission of establishing a sound strategy for the company. As an experienced marketer with a strong background in digital strategy, he provides his expertise on branding and communication to pilot the outreach of Gondola, ensuring a smooth customer journey for patients, as well as the access to insightful and appropriate content for medical practitioners.

Elena Piccinini joined the company 6 years ago, as a Marketing Assistant specialized in graphic design.


She graduated from Politecnico di Milano; thanks to her background in communication and design, she is the warrant of the visual identity of the brand, ensuring an appealing image in all our communication channels, coherent with the values borne by our company. She thus creates pictures, mounts videos, prepares the layout of brochures and manages the visual appearance of slide decks, ad campaigns and our website.

Selin Anil only very recently joined the team as Marketing and Communications Associate. She is in charge of copywriting and communication, and assists in the marketing strategy.


As a neuroscientist and bioengineer, she also endorses the role of bridging within the company the languages and incentives of the marketers on one side and the scientists on the other side. She thus works closely with the Quality, Regulatory and Clinical Affairs team. Depending on the communication channel and the aim, she adapts insightful and scientifically accurate content to an audience of medical practitioners or to the general public.

What are we working on at the moment?

We are currently working on ensuring an engaging, clear and efficient communication strategy, mainly by raising accurate brand awareness and consideration among physicians, patients and caregivers. Our ultimate goal is to build a fruitful and long-lasting collaboration with healthcare professionals and institutes thanks to the support of our Quality, Regulatory and Clinical Affairs team.

What excites us the most about our work at Gondola?

Marketing can be exciting per se, but our job takes on even more meaning in our lives when we know that our work directly contributes to improving patients’ lives. Receiving positive feedback from them is most rewarding, and reminds us every day why want to push our strategy forward. Participating in the general effort of raising awareness around Parkinson’s disease, as well as other neuromotor disorders, is of critical importance in our global motivations.

For any questions related to Marketing aspects of Gondola Medical Technologies, don’t hesitate to contact the team at