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Gondola®, the neuro regulation of walking and motor functions.

The cutting-edge treatment approach for motor symptoms of neurodegenerative diseases and neurological conditions.

Terapia AMPS Gondola

AMPS, the treatment for movement disorders.

AMPS (Automated Mechanical Peripheral Stimulation) is a non-invasive treatment that can benefit people affected by Parkinson’s, stroke and ataxia.

This innovative treatment is based on the neurostimulation of precise areas of the peripheral nervous system by means of controlled mechanical impulses; it allows for the generation of afferent stimuli, which can interact with the central nervous system and reduce movement disorder symptoms.

Clinical studies on the effectiveness of AMPS treatment.

Clinical studies of AMPS treatment, whose results have been published in international peer-reviewed scientific journals, have documented the effectiveness of this treatment approach for improving motor parameters in neurological patients.

Following the treatment, patients walk faster, demonstrate better balance and have a reduction in freezing of gait episodes.

  • 1Greater connectivity between the motor-related areas of the brain
  • 2Greater gait speed
  • 3Reduction in falling risk
  • 4Benefits are maintained over time with regularly repeated treatments
  • 5Greater effectiveness in the advanced stages of the disease
Attivazione cerebrale di GONDOLA Parkinson, Ictus e atassia

Greater connectivity between the motor-related areas of the brain.

The GONDOLA® AMPS treatment improves symptoms that affect walking, including motor blocks, bradykinesia , freezing of gait, festinating, balance and speed. The treatment uses a type of peripheral stimulation, non-invasive and free from known side effects, that induces increased activity in the connections between the areas of the brain involved in controlling motor functions and visuospatial integration.

AMPS effectiveness has been shown to be greater in the more advanced stages of the Parkinson’s disease, when symptoms are more apparent.