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Backed by science – meet the clinical team

The clinical team at Gondola Medical Technologies currently consists of three team members, Shannon Edd, Ph.D., Clinical Research Manager, Tiffany Corbet, Ph.D., Clinical Field Scientist, and Paul Alouani, MSc, Clinical Research Associate.

Gondola Clinical Research Scinetific Manager Shannon Edd

Shannon manages the clinical research activities and interfaces with the regulatory aspects of research. She has degrees in mechanical engineering, a Ph.D. in biomechanics, gait analysis, osteoarthritis pathology, and a post-doc centered on medical imaging analysis for the knee.

“Personally, the most exciting part is that we can provide a clinically proven option for walking rehabilitation to those affected by neurological disorders. I appreciate that Gondola Medical Technologies values the robust, ethical clinical verification of our Therapeutic Device to offer legitimate therapy to patients. In our company culture and approach, I see that patients’ health and well-being are at the center of our mission.”
– Shannon Edd, Ph.D., Clinical Research Manager

Gondola Clinical Field Scientific Tiffany Corbet

Tiffany is the neuroscience and neuro-rehabilitation expert of the team. She started her career as a physiotherapist. She continued her training with a Master’s degree in neuroscience and a Ph.D. in neuro-engineering. Her field of expertise is translating research into practical applications. Her role at Gondola medical technologies is to fill the gaps in clinical research, create educational content, and provide comprehension product and disease state information to stakeholders and the general public.

“Gondola Medical Technologies’ therapy is a new way to think about walking rehabilitation. The neuroscience approach behind the therapy is based on well-known brain plasticity concepts. Instead of focusing on our patients’ current capacities, we enhance the automatic network of walking. As a result, walking is facilitated and less demanding because it is more automatic. At Gondola Medical Technologies, we participate in a new vision of rehabilitation that contributes to a more global walking disorder approach.”
– Tiffany Corbet, Ph.D., Clinical Field Scientist

Gondola Clinical Research Associate Paul Alouani

As a Clinical Research Associate, Paul is in direct contact with Gondola’s research partners and ensures that our clinical studies move forward. He holds a Master’s degree in Molecular Biology, studying both in France and Germany and an MSc degree in Biotechnology and Pharmaceutical Management. Paul’s IT and project management expertise and experience with large and small life science companies are valued assets for the clinical team.

“What drives my work at Gondola Medical Technologies is to connect fundamental and applied science. Seeing the results of AMPS therapy and its impact on patients’ lives is what motivates me.”
– Paul Alouani, MSc, Clinical Research Associate

Clinical roadmap for 2021

Gondola AMPS therapy is backed by science, and the clinical team is committed to supporting this ambition. While they have a broad portfolio of activities, they focus on two key projects in 2021. 

Clinical trial in Cologne 
The launch of a clinical trial for Parkinson’s Disease patients in collaboration with Dr. Michaele Barbe at the Uniklinik Köln in Germany is well underway. 40 Parkinson’s Disease patients will be enrolled. They currently undergo deep brain stimulation (DBS) treatment but continue to have freezing of gait (FOG) symptoms. Each patient receives four weeks of Gondola AMPS therapy and four weeks of placebo therapy. The order of the treatment will be randomized. It is termed a “randomized, double-blind, SHAM controlled, cross-over trial” design. This study’s primary goal is to document how Gondola AMPS therapy can help with FOG symptoms, especially in a sub-population that lacks effective treatment alternatives.
FDA De Novo marketing approval for the US market
Gondola Medical Technologies collaborates with the FDA in preparation for the De Novo marketing approval request to obtain the approval to sell the Gondola Therapeutic Device in the USA. GONDOPARK is a clinical study completed in late 2020. It enrolled 132 Parkinson’s Disease patients across four centers in Italy with a cross-over study design. The results of the GONDOPARK clinical study are the basis for the FDA De Novo application.

Get in touch

If you have any questions about the science behind the Gondola AMPS therapy, get in touch with our clinical team. They are happy to discuss academic and clinical research collaborations along with questions about our past and future research. They are passionate about explaining the Gondola AMPS mechanism of action and how the therapy manages to achieve a remarkable clinical effect. Also, any neuroscience questions and interest in the AMPS therapy treatment plan are welcome.