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Thanks to Gondola® I have forgotten my myelopathy

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My name is Carolina, I am 68 years old and retired. I started feeling unwell in 2006 during a vacation at our house in Tuscany, at that time I was 58 years old.

The onset of symptoms

Suddenly one morning, my right leg could no longer support me, and I had to hold onto the stair railing to avoid falling.

Throughout the day, my right foot continued to be unresponsive. By the evening, I also began to feel pain throughout my leg, numbness, tingling, and it was painful even to sit or move.

The Diagnosis

After the vacation, I returned to Milan, got admitted to Besta, and underwent an evoked potentials test, which had not been done before.

Thanks to this test, they discovered that I had myelopathy, and I left the hospital in a wheelchair.

The symptoms

I walked without being able to lift or move my feet, keeping them straight and moving forward as if I had two wooden legs.

I looked like a little duck, they called it ataxia.

I no longer had sensation in my legs, from my feet to my lower back, so I was completely numb both in front and behind, with continuous tingling, electric shocks, and legs and feet that twisted and hurt terribly at night.

Additionally, I lacked balance and, due to the lack of sensation in my feet, I felt as if I was suspended in the air.

Since 2008, at Besta, they also prescribed me some medications to manage these symptoms.


I learned about GONDOLA through a lady I met during my hospital stay. We became friends and still keep in touch occasionally. She explained a bit about it and gave me the doctor’s number to call.
I was a bit skeptical because I don’t have Parkinson’s disease, but a movement disorder.

“At the first visit, I started walking like a train”

But after the first visit, I did not regret it. The first time I underwent stimulation, I started walking like a train, I immediately regained foot movement and was no longer ataxic.

The stimulations with GONDOLA

When I do the stimulations, I feel like something is waking up inside me. The first few times I did the therapy, I also noticed a change in my mood.

Right after GONDOLA, I was much more euphoric, much more mentally alert.

It still does this to me: when I do it, I feel like I have returned to being the alert, active person I was before, who wants to talk and do things. Before, I had no desire to do these things.


Before meeting GONDOLA, my life had completely changed.

I couldn’t walk, couldn’t help around the house, I could only hold my little granddaughter because I wanted to, I didn’t want to abandon her because her mom works.

Moreover, moving very little but continuing to eat as usual, I started gaining a lot of weight, couldn’t even tie my shoes, go down the stairs, and had panic attacks.

Since the device

After GONDOLA, I no longer had panic attacks, didn’t fall while walking, and I would say I resumed a normal life: I started going back to the gym, consulted a dietician, and now I move perfectly.

GONDOLA has changed my life.

Now I do the therapy once a week and continue to feel well.

My legs are much more flexible, my knees bend, and now I seem to have a normal walk.

I feel much more confident going down curbs, crossing the street, occasionally I have some uncertainty but my walk has returned to normal.

Now my life has changed a lot thanks to many things that have changed and thanks to GONDOLA, which made me forget my myelopathy.

The best money spent.